Last Day of Preschool

I have been so wistful and reflective these past few days and it all culminated today with Nicholas' last day of preschool. I'm a sad Mommy. My little baby boy isn't so little anymore. He's a full blown kindergartener!

Here is Nicholas in 2006 as we were on our way to his first day of preschool. He was only 2 years old and so excited about going to school.

Here he is running to me at the end of the day. Oh how I wish I could still wrap my arms around that little wiggly 2 year old...

Here's my little guy three years later on his last day of preschool. What a sweet little guy he has turned out to be.

After school, we went to Baskin Robbins to celebrate. Nicholas ordered the Wild 'N Reckless fitting for a wild 'n reckless kind of guy!

While we were there, a friend from preschool showed up with her mom to also celebrate the last day of school. Nicholas has been friends with her since that first class at Montessori when they both started preschool together. It was fun sitting there reminiscing and then looking at how much they have grown and matured since then.

Oh, I'm savoring and cherishing every day that God blesses me with my sweet little children. Each day is so very precious to me.

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