Swine Break '09 Comes To An End

Swine Flu is still out there but the CDC says that it doesn't appear to be as serious of an illness as they had first thought. Therefore, LISD will reopen schools tomorrow. I'm sad because I've really enjoyed Swine Break '09 and just spending time having fun with the little ones.

We went out for lunch today at Sonic. We don't usually eat there but Nicholas got a coupon from them for a free kid's meal for his birthday so he wanted to go there for lunch. He had fun at the drive-up. He used the glove box to hold his food and kicked back in the front seat to eat. He talked to other customers out of the window while he ate. He even got a really cool kid's meal toy that I had fun playing with. Maybe we should start eating there more often...

We went to a Scholastic Book Warehouse sale, a dangerous place for a book addict like me. I had bought a few books at Nicholas' preschool's Scholastic Book fair but this at this warehouse sale, all of these same books were now 50% off. Woo Hoo! I had fun shopping but I have to keep reminding myself that I don't have to own every cool book out there so I only got a few things for each kid. Nicholas said that the one thing he wanted most was this Bug Vacuum. He does love bug hunting. It works pretty well and the bug actually survives being zapped and then you can look at them through a little built-in magnifying glass before releasing him.

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