Valentine's Day Marshmallows

After being cooped up in the house for many days recently, we started running out of food but didn't want to venture out on the icy roads to make it to the grocery store. So I started digging around in the pantry and I found all kinds of things that I had forgotten about. I found all of these goodies.

Although I can't remember when or why I had purchased such delightfully unhealthy things, I figured that there must be something good that could come from a union of such yummies. I got out a few wooden skewers and we decided to make candy coated marshmallows for Valentine's Day!

Start with putting a few marshmallows on skewers. Of course, the skewers are not necessary but kids love eating food on a stick (actually quite a few adults do too!).

Then melt the candy in the microwave. Note: you have to protect this candy once the bag has been opened. If you have a two year old, she will sneak her little hand in the candy bag and run off to the other room to hide while she secretly eats up all the candy.

Once melted, dunk or roll the marshmallow in the candy coating.

Then add sprinkles! There are two ways to add your sprinkles. Nicholas chose to take pinches of sprinkles and literally sprinkle them on his marshmallow.

While Rachel chose to roll her marshmallow in a plate of sprinkles.

Either way turns out just as yummy!

You can even get fancy and dunk one end of a marshmallow in one color and the other end in a different color. Oh how artsy!

But ours didn't hang around long enough to be admired for their artistic appeal. Nope, our kids ate them up or at least they would've have eaten them all up if I hadn't stepped in. I have no idea how much sugar they ingested and it's probably best that I just not think about it.

Of course, the before mentioned 2 year old was also quite content to just eat her sprinkles straight from the plate!

If you made more candy coated marshmallows than you could ever possibly eat, then consider wrapping some in baggies and tie with a pretty ribbon for a nice Valentine's Day treat for your friends.

Happy Valentine's Day!

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