MicroWorld Adventures at Haggard Library in Plano

We love spending time at our library. But sometimes it's fun to try out other libraries in the area. Especially when they offer cool programs such as MicroWorld Adventures at Haggard Library in Plano. MicroWorld Adventures is produced by the Contact Science Program through the University of Texas at Dallas.

Nicholas had fun playing with the "scope on a rope". It was really neat for him to be able to put the microscope lens just about anywhere he wanted to and get a new perspective on the things around him.

First he tried his skin. We were impressed with the quality of the picture. It's a really great microscope.

Next he explored the fibers in his shirt. Interesting!

Daddy wanted to look at Nicholas' hair. I was just fascinated with how easy it was to pick something new to look at.

Next Nicholas used the high power microscope to look at a dollar bill up close.

This is more like the one we use at home. It takes a little bit of time to get the object lined up with the lens and in focus. But we love that it can display a digital image on a computer screen for everyone to see.

Rachel enjoyed playing with the interactive computer displays even if she didn't quite understand what she was doing.

Of course, Big Brother was happy to jump in and explain it all to her. He is such a good teacher.

There was also a display of books specifically about microscopes and the microscopic worlds around us. I liked that there were books as well as hands-on activities all together in one place. It made for a great mini science class disguised as fun :)

While we were at the library, we had to check out the children's section. It is a bright and cheery room with shelves and shelves of children's books.

Rachel picked a few books off the shelf and went to a little table to read them.

While she was sitting there she happened to notice the cart next to her with books to be returned to the shelves. She pushed her books aside, pointed to some books on the cart, and said, "No, I want those pink books". She then grabbed three pink books from the cart and proceeded to happily look through them. Hmmm, am I creating a "girly-girl"?

Next we played with the puppet theater. Rachel tried out each and every puppet. She especially liked having them jump out at me from behind the little red curtain.

There were lots of puzzles, stuffed animals and even activities on the walls. What a fun and interactive learning environment.

There is also a separate room for "The Greatest Storytime On Earth".

The Haggard Library offers storytimes for all ages.
* Rhyme Time, ages 0-24 months - Tues 10:30, Friday 10:30
* Toddler Time, ages 18-36 months - Mon 10:30, Tues 11:15, Wednesday 10:30
* Preschool Storytime, ages 3-5 years - Tues 1:30, Wed 11:15, Thurs 10:30
* Family Storytime, all ages, Mon 7:00 pm

Although I've taken Rachel to many storytimes, we haven't been recently. She never wanted to actually sit still and listen to the stories so we quit going. But now that she's a little older, I guess I should give it another try.

But she is quite content to just browse the shelves and pick her own books.

And she'll sit down right in the aisle and "read" them aloud to me as she looks at the pictures and flips the pages.

The Haggard Library is located at 2501 Coit Road in Plano. You can reach them at 972-769-4250 or check them out online at their website. Their hours of operation are Monday - Thursday 10:00 am - 9:00 pm, Friday - Saturday 10:00 am - 6:00 pm, Sunday 1:00 pm - 5:00 pm.

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