Handcrafted Valentine's Day Candles

Nicholas has a big kit of supplies for making rolled candles so we decided to pull out a sheet of red candle wax to make special candles for our Valentinte's dinner tonight.

The kit comes with everything he needs - multiple sheets of colored beeswax, templates, and wicks. That's all that is needed to make your own candles.

Nicholas chose some red beeswax and used the template to score the pattern for a tapered candle.

He cut the wax. The sheets are thin so it is really easy to cut them with regular scissors.

Then he cut a piece of wick to the length of his candle plus a little extra at the top where it will burn. Then he slowly rolled the beeswax around the wick. Getting that first roll or two is the most challenging.

Once the roll has been started, the rest of the rolling is easy.

I helped Rachel get started on making her own candle and let her do the rolling. She loved it!

But then her curiosity got the best of her and she tried to unroll it. The wax is easy to work with but it is a bit fragile for a toddler's rough hands so parts of the wax broke off.

The wax can even be too fragile for 6 year old hands. Poor Nicholas.

He had completed his red candle but wanted to make it even nicer. He cut out hearts from a sheet of purple beeswax and stuck them on the red candle. It's a cute idea and I love that the wax just sticks to itself so you can really decorate it in so many ways after your basic candle is made. But I guess he pressed a heart on too hard and the red candle started to split. He got so upset. However, the wax is really user friendly. If a sheet of wax gets a crack, you can really just press it back together.


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