Picnic and Play...on a Tank

We had a great little family picnic today at Liberty Park in Plano.

The weather was great and the picnic lunch was nice but we really went to this park for only one reason....THE TANK, of course!

There are two males in our family so anywhere that has a real tank to climb on is a hit with them!

Even Rachel climbed on it for a while.

Now there's an unusual family portrait. Daddy and kids on top of a real tank. It just cracks me up!

And just why can't we get a tank for a playground in our town? Huh?

From the Plano website:

The tank found in the park is a M41-A3 Walker Bulldog, weighs 23.5 Tons, is 26.9 feet long and 8.9 feet wide. It has a 76mm gun and could travel at 45mph. These tanks were produced in the 1950's by the Cadillac Plant at Cleveland, Ohio. This model of tank was provided by the US to the South Vietnamese and used very successfully against the North Vietnamese T54/55 tanks in the Republic of Viet Nam during the 1950's and 1960's.

Of course the park also has two set of playgrounds (big kid/little kid) and lots of swings...Rachel's favorite!

Rachel and Daddy played together on the playground.

I loved watching Rachel look at her Daddy. She reached out and touched his face as he smiled up at her.


Rachel soon realized that there were acorns hiding throughout the mulch on the playground.

With little hands full of acorns, Rachel soon realized that her outfit didn't have any pockets. But why should that stop her?

She walked right over to me and started shoving them in the front pocket of my pants.

I was laughing too hard to stop her...even after my pocket was full and she started shoving them in my two back pockets. It was just so funny. I know that it wasn't very flattering to have all of these acorns bulging from three of my hip pockets. I was able to "lose" some acorns here and there without Rachel noticing until I had worked it down to a manageable handful.

Nicholas was so sweet to watch as he was swinging. He was enjoying the breeze and sun on his face so much that he closed his eyes to enhance the experience. So sweet.

That's our sweet little boy!

Liberty Park is located at 1200 Mill Valley Road in Plano. It is a neighborhood park with a tank 2 playgrounds, swing set, shade pavilion, picnic tables, grills, drinking fountain, and open sports practice fields.

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