Happy Birthday to My Wonderful Hubby

Earlier this week we celebrated Stuart's birthday. He's been a little down about this particular birthday coming up....although if you ask him, he's just turning 33 (again).

The little ones and I wanted to cheer him up a little and make sure that he knows that he is special and loved no matter how old, I mean, YOUNG he is.

So the night before the big Daddy's birthday, the three of us got together for a little card making party. We cut up 40 (or should I say 33?) cards out of colorful cardstock. Then we decorated them with markers, bright stickers, and cute sayings.

Once everyone was asleep, I went around and hid the cards.

All 40 of them.

Do you know how hard it is to find 40 hiding places?

I made them all easy to find but they were hidden enough that he would find them throughout his day for 40 little surprises of happiness.

I knew he was getting up REALLY early to go to the gym the next morning. So I put up the big card on the mirror to be sure he saw it in his sleepy haze.

It was signed by the three of us and says, "Can you find all 40 reminders that we love you?"

There were other cards around the bathroom that he found early that morning.

There were more cards in his dress shirt pocket and dress shoes that he didn't find until he was in the locker room at the gym getting ready for work.

This one has a giraffe sticker on it and the inside says, "The birthday boy has just been spotted!" Get it? Giraffe...spotted! Ha ha!

When he got to work, he found more cards in his lunch box and laptop.

When he got home, there were lots more cards that he found.

The decorated light in the kitchen hid two cards...

There was one by the TV remote...because I knew he'd watch some TV when he got home...

The fridge...

The backdoor...

Lots and lots of cards.

Nicholas wanted to go first to give Daddy a present that he put together all by himself. It was one of his favorite Bakugan toys and a Harley Davidson key chain.

Stuart laughed and said that the key chain must be a hint of the Harley Davidson motorcycle waiting for him in the garage.

No, sorry honey. Your family went to the Harley Davidson and all they got you was this t-shirt!

Most guys would complain about getting shirts for their birthday but Stuart didn't mind getting a second shirt because it was a Dallas Stars jersey! He's wanted one of these for years and years.

And of course, he'll want to wear it when he uses his Dallas Stars Hockey game tickets later!

We eventually got his head out of the clouds and dragged him away to a birthday dinner at a restaurant. We came back home for the usual Happy Birthday singing and some yummy chocolate cake.

Happy birthday, sweetie! You have grown finer with age and I love you all the more!

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