Surprise Presents!

Who doesn't love a present? What about a present when you aren't expecting one?

Grandmother C was mailing some things to us that we had left in Baton Rouge when we visited them at Christmas. But tucked in the box were two wrapped presents, one for Nicholas and one for Rachel.

They were super excited to have presents to open (what kid isn't?)

Nicholas got another Automoblox car. He was wanting the orange one so this is a hit!

Rachel got some furniture for her Calico Critters Tree House.

Pictures just don't convey excitement the way video can so here you go...

I love how Rachel says she has something for her "Calico Kitters Tee House". We need to work on her "r" sounds but it sure is cute for now.

The kids ripped into the presents without even letting me read each of their notes from Grandmother. But in the letter Grandmother says sweet things to each of them. I love that often when she talks to Nicholas on the phone, she recites or talks about the poem, "Stopping By Woods on a Snowy Evening" by Robert Frost. It's especially neat because Nicholas has much of the poem memorized just from casually hearing it or discussing it with Grandmother from a distance. In the note that came with Nicholas' present, Grandmother mentions a quote from Hamlet that they might start discussing next. I love Shakespeare so I think I would enjoy sitting in on their discussions too :) Grandmother, thank you for taking the time to share your passions with the kids. They may not fully appreciate it now but some day when they are older they will hear these poems and quotes and be reminded of you and how you shared that special time with them.

And from the kids, "Thanks Grandmother C for the surprise presents!"

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