Valentine's Day Educational Activities

Although we had a fun day of activities, we still got some school work done. But there is no reason not to tie some Valentine's Day fun into our work though.

We have recently talked about estimatation in math. So today I gave Nicholas a jar full of those little conversation heart candies and asked him to guess how many were in it. He guessed 200.

Next we used a Hundreds/Tens/One frame to count out the hearts. We learned that there were 145 hearts in the jar.

Notice in the picture above that there is a little pink sleeved hand snatching a heart. That would be the littlest one, of course.

She LOVES conversation hearts.

I told her she was silly so she made a silly face just to prove it.

Ok, back to school.

My friend Happy Campers posted a great article on She Is Dallas with educational activities for kids on Valentine's Day. You can see it HERE. I love this printable activitiy from It was pretty easy for Nicholas but review is always good when it comes to math.

I gave Nicholas a copy of a Hundred Chart - the one on their website it perfect with little hearts all over it. Then I called out the clues and he had to figure out where to place his puzzle piece. We used conversation hearts since we had 145 minus a bunch that Rachel had stolen.

The clues were something like "Place a heart on the number that is two tens" or "Place a heart on the number that has a 7 in the ones place and a 1 in the tens place". Once we were done, Nicholas had formed the pattern for "I (heart)".

What a fun way to review math!

We also did some math drills with Valentine's Day themes.

Not to leave out Rachel, I had made a Valentine's Day file folder game just for her. She loves these games!

To make these I take a file folder and put patterns on it. Then cut out little pieces that match the patterns on the folder. I laminate it all and add velcro.

Rachel loves sticking the pieces together as she practices her matching skills.

These games are great for matching but also for hand-eye coordination as well as building gross and fine motor skills which will be used for learning to write down the road.

There's no reason you can't have a little fun while you learn!

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