Valentine's Day Bean Bags

I made some Valentine's Day bean bags for the kids so we could have a special hide and seek game this morning. This craft is super easy. You don't even have to sew! Plus, you could use this idea in so many different ways and for different holidays. Check it out.

I used some red and pink felt, dried beans or peas (this was a great way to use up some old ones that had been taking up space in the pantry for too long), a heart template, and a hot glue gun.

To make things easy, fold the piece of felt in half and put half of the heart template on the inner edge of the felt. Please make sure you do this on the inner folded edge of the felt or you'll be sad when you don't have a full heart.

Draw your heart template on the felt.

Cut out each pattern and open them to find your felt heart.

Next, glue two hearts together around the edges with the hot glue gun but leave a small opening in one spot to add the beans or peas.

Now add your beans or peas to the heart bag. I found a funnel to be really helpful with this step.

Then you add a bit of hot glue to make the final seal and you have your heart bean bags!

I decided to use some red glitter glue to trim the edges and personalize ours.

I hid the hearts around the playroom last night. Here's a peak at where they were...

In the drawer of the tool bench.

In the doll stroller and doll crib.

In the Bat Cave.

In the Tinker Toy box.

And in the Calico Critter Tree House.

When the kids got up this morning, I told them they each had three hearts hidden around the playroom. They couldn't wait to start their search.

Nicholas was the first to find one. He was so excited!

Rachel found the one in her doll crib pretty easily.

It took her a while to find the one in her stroller because I had moved the stroller to the living room and forgot to put it back in the playroom.

Nicholas spied the bag in his tool bench from across the room.

Nicholas was the last one to find all three of his hearts. Apparently the one in the Tinker Toy box was a hard one. He got a little frustrated looking for it.

I had fun making these little bean bags. I can see making these again for other occasions. The kids have had fun hiding them for each other and playing the game over and over. They also created a fun bean bag toss game where they try to toss their bag to certain goals for points.

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