Bounce U with Playin' Around Town

We had a great time at Bounce U today.

My kids love bounce houses and inflatable obstacle courses so when we found out that Playin' Around Town had sponsors for the event that would let us go play for free, we knew we had to go.

Rachel loves the bounce houses but she's still small enough that the obstacle courses can be too challenging for her so I played with her a lot. We climbed and went down slides. We shimmied through the obstacle courses, and bounced until our hearts were content.

Rachel loved this little blower that floated balls up in the air. She struggled with hitting the ball but you've got to admit, she's got determination!

Nicholas was running around and jumping in every bounce house. He even worked up a sweat! I love it when I can consider an outing as fun AND good exercise for the kids.

The girl is wet too but not from sweat...

I got tired of lifting her up for the water fountain because she just likes to play in it. The next thing I know I look over at her and she had solved the problem herself!

If you are in the Dallas area and want to find fun, free events to take your children to then sign up for Playin' Around Town. They have an event at least once a month at a local business and the sponsors help to make the events free for you!

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  1. HA! I just have to laugh. My 2yr old Emily would have done the same things as your daughter. No matter what other great exciting fun things there are for her to do, if a water fountain is near by, it wins....LOVE the solution she developed to reach it. Every time we go to a place like BounceU, I hide the stools ASAP (I know I am that mom that did that...sorry).