Chimney Arrives!

We got our Christmas tree up this weekend. However, I just haven't had time to get the boxes of lights and ornaments down from the attic so it is looking kind of sad and naked.

Included in these boxes is our little Christmas elf, Chimney. Usually I get our stuff down the day after Thanksgiving so Nicholas is used to seeing Chimney around that time. He's decided that perhaps Chimney doesn't come until he sees that we've decorated our tree and are ready for Christmas. Seems like good logic to me.

So the boy took matters into his own hands yesterday. He quickly grabbed some paper, scissors, and colored pencils and handmade tree ornaments on the fly.

I love this double layer ornament.

Our tree still looks bare but I absolutely love our new ornaments!

And I guess it worked in a round about way because it guilted me inspired me to get the lights and ornaments up so that Chimney could appear on the tree this morning.

Merry Christmas, Chimney!

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