Kid Puzzles Review

I'm so excited to have discovered these awesome handpainted wooden puzzles by Kid Puzzles. They are so beautiful and the quality is exceptional.

My little girl Rachel just turned 3 years old and she absolutely loves puzzles. She gets so excited when she fits a piece in its proper place.

We got rid of the big chunky wooden puzzles with knobs that she used last year because they were just too simple for her. All of the wooden puzzles I've seen lately are just too simple for her so I thought jigsaw puzzles were the only puzzle that would give her a challenge. I'm so glad I was wrong. Kid Puzzles offer just the perfect challenge for kids but still in that beautiful wooden puzzle style that I love so much.

These pictures are from the first time Rachel worked on this puzzle. She spent some time on it but was able to complete it with help on just one piece. As soon as she finished it, she dumpled the puzzle out on the table and started working on it again. I love how intensely she worked on it.

This puzzle has multiple pieces in one open frame. There are no pictures at the bottom to tell her where to put the pieces. She just has to start working from the edges and figure the rest out on her own.

Rachel is definitely challenged by the puzzle which is just what I was looking for. Puzzles are not only build cognitive, reasoning, and problem-solving skills which are so important for young developing brains but they also help to improve fine-motor skills and hand-eye coordination. I love being able to offer a variety in the types of puzzles for my daughter to play with.

And of course, puzzles are just fun and a big confidence booster when the child finally solves it.

Check out the beautiful puzzles for yourself at

They make puzzles with knobs for younger children.

There are also some cute personalized step stools

My favorite is their new 3-D multi-later puzzles. Check this out!

Kid Puzzles are made with quality you don't find much these days and then handpainted in brilliant colors. Puzzles can be personalized with your child's name and will make excellent Christmas presents.

I was given the butterfly puzzle by Kid Puzzles so that Rachel could review it. I did not receive any other compensation. This review is completely genuine and the comments and opinions here are all my own.

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