Konos Stewardship: Macaroni Art

Konos Unit: Stewardship
Theme: Being a Good Steward of Our Body - NERF (Nutrition, Exercise, Rest, and Fun)

Since we've been studying how grains are an important food group, we decided to incorporate some grains into art work.

I gave Nicholas and Rachel each their own tray of various pastas.

Then armed with some colored paper and glue, they went to work on their masterpieces.

Nicholas was very precise and planned out his work before gluing anything down.

Rachel said that this is Dora and Boots in a car. Ummm, yeah. I see it!

I love the quiet concentration anytime we have art supplies out.

Here's Rachel's final piece. I imagine it will take a week or two for all of that glue to finally dry.

And Nicholas' masterpiece.

There is a robot at the top that runs on wheels. Those are antennae on his head, not horns! A dinosaur, a bike, and a race car on a track.

I love their creativity with such unusual art mediums!


  1. I just love KONOS! :) The kids did a great job with their artwork! Can I ask you what a "typical" KONOS/school day would look like with your kids? :)

  2. Hi Carla,
    I love Konos too! It is such a fun way to learn and I'm amazed at how much my children retain - even my 3 year old who is really just picking up on what big brother is learning. Unfortunately, our typical day often gets jumbled up by distractions, a doctor appointment here or there, or other daily life issues. But we usually use morning time for Bible study and other supplements that I do such as grammar, spelling, Spanish, etc. My son is just fresher and has a better attitude in the morning. Then after lunch we focus more on Konos with reading and projects. Oh, if you are doing Konos or interested in it, I wanted to let you know that there are great online lesson plans with videos from Jessica Hulcy, one of the Konos authors. She really walks you through each lesson and helps give other ideas and suggestions that may not be spelled out in the book. There is a monthly subscription cost but since this is our first year with Konos I have found it helpful to get me really connected with how it all works. I really recommend it - www.homeschoolmentor.com