Calling the Tooth Fairy.....

Nicholas has had a wiggly front tooth for well over a month now. The baby tooth has been getting pushed out of the way by the new permanent tooth coming in. But instead of coming out, the baby tooth has just moved further down until it flops and wiggles in all directions but still hangs on for dear life while the new tooth keeps pushing its way in.

Nicholas happened to have a regular dentist appointment a couple of weeks ago for a cleaning and his dentist suggested that we wait a little bit to see if it will come out on its own but if it doesn't come out in a couple of weeks then she wants to pull it because it might affect how straight the new tooth comes in.

After dinner, we had our ritual of checking on the tooth.

Yep, still hanging there by a thread, still dangling, still twisting all around. But not coming out.

I suggested that we might need to call the dentist on Monday to just get the thing pulled out because I'm tired of seeing it dangle. After Nicholas went to bed, I imagine he must have been lying there twisting and pulling on his baby tooth because he soon came out of his room to show me that the tooth was about to come out. He went downstairs to show Daddy and ended up pulling it out himself right there!

He's pretty excited about getting a dollar from the Tooth Fairy (Stuart is getting on his shoes to head out for change now!)

I think this tooth has been such a hard struggle that the Tooth Fairy might have to leave two dollars this time!


  1. Aww.. I love how proud & excited he looks! :)

  2. I'm glad you always remember to set an appointment with your dentist. I'm sorry about what happened to his tooth, but that's okay because the tooth fairy gave him $2 in exchange. That's not bad.