Big Orange Pumpkin Farm in Celina

Since we were already in the north part of the Metroplex, we decided to hop over to Celina to visit the Big Orange Pumpkin Farm.

There were pumpkins but the kids had the most fun feeding and petting the animals on the farm.

They started with feeding the cows. I really didn't expect them to actually hold the food long enough for the cow to eat it but they both did!

I love the look of excitement on Rachel's face at what she had just done.

And I'm so proud of Nicholas. He is sometimes skiddish when he gets close to animals and these were big animals. But he fed the big cow like a pro!

They both fell in love with the sheep and goats who were all sticking their heads out of the fence trying to get your attention for a piece of food.

There were no shortages of animals to feed. They were all clean and friendly with the children.

Nicholas made friends with this black sheep and fed most of his food to him.

I loved watching him have a little conversation with the white sheep who tried to get a little bite of food too. Nicholas gave him some but politely explained that he was going to feed the black sheep some more and he would just have to wait his turn.

Rachel did great with hand feeding the animals.

She enjoyed petting them and talking sweetly to them all.

I loved just watching her look at the animals as she checked them out.

And then to watch her expressions change as they did something cute.

We hopped on the hay ride for a tour around the property.

My little guy with his new tooth coming in!

The hay ride was nice and relaxing.

There were fun hay bales to see such as pumpkins...

...and this giant spider!

Oh how I love this little guy!

He's growing up way too fast but he'll always be my baby!

I tried to get a picture of the kids together but Rachel just insisted on making silly faces the whole time.

Admission to the farm includes a small pumpkin for each kid to take home. There wasn't much selection left at this time in the season but the kids seemed to enjoy looking at every single pumpkin for just the right one.

Time to go! Rachel grabbed one and hurried along.

The perfect pumpkin!

The Big Orange Pumpkin Farm is located at 5518 County Rd #126 in Celina. Admission is $7. Price includes hay ride, feed for the animals, and a small or mid-sized pumpkin. Hours are M-F: 9-6, Sat: 10-6, Sun: 12-6 through the first week in November.

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