Downtown McKinney

After our fun morning at the IESI Recyling is Fun Day, we headed to downtown McKinney for some lunch.

We walked around the square until we finally decided on a little restaurant called Sauce. We ate outside on the patio. The weather was beautiful and the food was delicious.

Nicholas has claimed this to be his new favorite restaurant. He's pretty serious about his spaghetti and meat sauce!

Before we left, we went back inside the restaurant to wash up. I love this beautiful piece of artwork on the wall made from painted plates. Wow!

As we walked around the square some more, the kids stopped to check out this old tractor.

Several years ago, I remember taking Nicholas to a little popcorn shop in the square and I was excited to find it once again. It's called Mom and Pop Corn.

They don't just sell popcorn! They sell 45 different flavors of popcorn!

Plus tons of other old-fashioned treats.

I let each of them pick one small bag of flavored popcorn and one piece of candy. Needless to say the decision was a tough one.

Nicholas tried to sneak in this as his one piece of candy! That's a whole pound of Sugar Daddy!

I picked a piece of homemade fudge from the case at the back of the store. It was so good!

We headed back to the car and Nicholas loved this little statue he saw. He asked me to take this picture for him. Super cute!

They munched on their popcorn in the car. I'm afraid the carpet in the van has never been quite so sticky after that decision!

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