Angry Birds Cake

Nicholas' Cub Scout den has a cake auction every Fall around Halloween. The scouts have to decorate the cakes and at the Pack meeting the cakes are judged in three categories - scariest, scoutiest, and funniest. All of the cakes get entered into a silent auction that takes place during the meeting. One of the Pack's alums is a professional auctioneer so some of the best cakes are pulled from the silent auction so that he can run a live auction on those. All of the money from the auction goes straight to the Pack for activities for the boys so it is really for a great cause.

Last year Nicholas made a scary cake. This year he decided he wanted to go with a funny cake based on his favorite game to play on our cell phones, Angry Birds.

Nicholas wanted to make the birds and pigs out of cake balls. I found the basic recipe for them and they are amazingly easy. Make a cake - something yummy but simple like my favorite, Betty Crocker Super Moist cake mix. Crumble the cake up into crumbs in a big bowl. Get a tub of frosting and mix about half of it into the cake crumbs. Then mix well with your hands.

It will feel kind of weird in texture but there is something fun about getting your hands all covered with cake and frosting.

Now take out little clumps of your mixture and roll them into balls. This is fun too!

Once you have your cake ball foundations made, chill them in the freezer for a little while to let them firm up.

Then melt some chocolate or candy coating and roll the balls around in them.

We found a great tool that can help with rolling them and removing them from the candy coating. We took two plastic forks and removed the center tines. It worked great without always stabbing the cake ball or wiping off the candy coating.

Remove the cake ball from the candy coating and set aside to harden.

Now you can eat them as is or you can decorate them in all kinds of fun ways!

In the game, these little green pigs steal the eggs of the red birds. The red birds get angry and throw themselves at the pig house via a sling shot. Nicholas set up a knocked down pig house with pretzel sticks and used a piece of Twizzler for the angry bird sling shot.

The cake was quite popular and Nicholas won first prize for funniest cake. The cake even made it to the auctioneer for the live auction.

....somehow we ended up bidding on our own cake again this year. Nicholas just has so much fun making these that it's hard to let it go to someone that darn auction fever will get me every time!

Of course, the first thing the kids wanted to eat when we got home were the cute little cake balls. We're definitely making those again!


  1. Question: what do you use to cover the cake balls? is it just white chocolate painted in red or i'm totally wrong?

  2. Cecil, we found colored candy chips by Wilton. It is kind of like getting pre-colored white chocolate. The chips (my term for them) are about the size of a quarter and they melt easily in the microwave. I've found them at craft stores that sell baking supplies like Michaels, Joanns and Hobby Lobby. There are lots of different colors to choose from. Hope that helps to clarify.

  3. ooh! i'll go to Michaels then, thanks a lot!

    have a good weekend :)