A Graceful Ballerina

Rachel sits through so many different activities for Nicholas each week that I thought it might be time for her to try a little class of her own. I couldn't decide between dance or gymnastics so I was delighted to see that WinKids had a Mommy and Me class for little ones that combined both ballet and gym. Of course, the "Mommy and Me" format means that the moms are in the class with the students because they are still so young.

The class starts with ballet for about 20 minutes. The teacher uses a lot of fun activities to introduce the basic ballet steps. She shows them how to use ballet steps to gallop on a horse, plant seeds in their garden, dance with teddy bears and magic wands, and sprinkle magic fairy dust. It's really cute.

But sometimes, ok a lot of times, she just doesn't want to move on to the next step when she is having fun doing something else. She's not the only one in class that does this. They are still only 2-3 years old.

I took dance lessons for most of my youth so I was really excited for Rachel to take this ballet class. And don't little bitty girls look so cute in the little pink leotards and tutus? I had visions of my little Sugar Plum Fairy dancing around our house.

Rachel really likes practicing her sautes (pronounced "so-tays") which in ballet means jump.

This is about the only thing I can count on her to do correctly.

Unfortunately, she prefers to use the balance bars in the dance studio for climbing on.

And while practicing for their upcoming recital, she decided that their holding hands and dancing in a circle was an awful lot like "Ring-A-Round the Rosie" where you all fall down....and play dead.

Graceful ballerina, she is not.

After ballet class, we move to the gym for about 20 minutes. Rachel loves her coach and can't wait to hear what she will learn each time.

She pays attention and remembers each activity that she is supposed to do along their gymnastics "course", even if she can't quite do all of the activities properly.

Of course, what child doesn't love jumping on a trampoline?

Or a giant foam pit? I love the little wiggle she does just before she jumps.

Rachel is definitely calmer and more quiet than Nicholas but she still has a lot of energy and likes being active. I think gymnastics may be a better fit for her right now (although I can't promise that I won't put her back in ballet because I'm still dreaming of a Sugar Plum Fairy).

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