Granddad's Visit

Grandad came to visit us for a few days!

No special reason...just because.

It's nice when he comes to visit us because we can just focus on spending time with him. When we go to Louisiana to visit, we have to juggle our time between him, my brother, my mom, and Stuart's side of the family too. It makes for a busy trip with lots of running around and occasional headaches.

For a few days, we got to just sit around and let Granddad soak up fun times with his grandchildren.

Playing with puzzles.

Going for a ride in the rocket ship...that's Granddad sitting on the couch in the Care Bears tent while Nicholas flies their ship out in front. Thanks for being such a good sport, Granddad!

We got a little bit of school work done while Granddad was here but we'll catch up on what we missed next week. Since we have been studying about being a good steward of our bodies, I found an Amelia Bedelia book where she plays a doctor and sees several patients. We love Amelia Bedelia books because she is just so silly! It was fun letting Nicholas get his reading done by reading to his Granddad!

There is always time for snuggling on the couch while watching TV.

We had a nice dinner at Magic Time Machine but for some reason the wait staff just wasn't as much fun as they were the last time we went. It was still an unusual experience and the food is yummy.

Nicholas had two hockey games this weekend and Granddad got to see him play at the game on Saturday in Richardson.

Rachel and Granddad had frosted mini wheat cereal for breakfast. Rachel made sure to scoot her chair as close to Granddad's chair as possible. Once Granddad had finished his cereal, Rachel proceeded to share hers with him by giving him a spoonful of milk and cereal in his bowl.

She had a lot of fun transferring the cereal with her spoon.

Then she said, "Eat it, Granddad! Eat it!" And he did!

...much to Rachel's delight...and of course, she did it again and again after that!

We had fun at a park exploring the creek bed and collecting leaves.

Rachel showed Granddad one of her file folder games where she matches the different butterflies.

Granddad tried to trick her and tell her to put the butterfly on the wrong spot but she just laughed and did it the right way. I love how silly he gets with the kids sometimes.

Heading out for the airport, we got some quick pictures together. Dad just turned 70 and although I didn't get to be there for his birthday, he got to come visit as kind of a late birthday celebration...although life with the kids is so busy that we didn't really do anything for his birthday like I had planned. But still it was nice getting to spend quality time with him.

And of course, my kids have had a wonderful time getting all of Granddad's attention!

The whole visit, Granddad rode in the back of the van so he could sit next to Nicholas. He only sat in the front seat like a big boy for one short trip while Nicholas was at art class. I know it's not the most comfortable ride back there and the conversation is off the wall but the kids love him for it and their little lips roll out if he tries to sit in the front seat next to me.

As we were dropping Dad off at the airport, Nicholas suddenly decided to get out too and pretend to be heading back to Louisiana with Granddad. Rachel got very upset and grabbed Nicholas arm as she said, "No, stay here! Don't go!"

One more hug before you go!

Thanks for coming to visit us. We love you, Granddad!

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