Old Orchard Park in Lewisville

Sorry but I don't know the actual name for this park but it is on Old Orchard in Lewisville between Corporate and Main St.

We stop here often because it is on our way home from picking up Rachel from preschool at noon. We usually have a little picnic and play time before heading home to try to get her to nap.

There is some open areas that are great for kicking around a ball or just running free. I love how they are holding hands while running together!

Those are some happy faces!

This park is fun because it has those older springy ride on toys that bounce all around. I never can find these at parks anymore.

What a sweet little girl! When did she get so big?

Some of the rides are a bit too small for Nicholas who is 7 but that doesn't stop him from having fun with his little sister.

They even shared a few rides together. There was a lot of bouncing around and giggling.

Somehow they even got me to ride on one. They really are fun.

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