1st Dance Recital

Rachel had her first dance recital today! I was She was so excited!

We went backstage which was really just an adjoining gym room where all the girls were lining up by class waiting for their number to come up.

I can remember my mom being back stage with me so many times at my dance recitals. It was a neat feeling to think of her while I was back there with Rachel.

Of course, my little girl is the epitome of grace and beauty often found in ballet dancers as they wait patiently to go on stage.

Here she is pulling up the tape on the carpet that is supposed to be marking where her class sits while they wait and she is taping it to her shoe.

Finally, the girls are going on stage next. I really didn't know what to expect when it was their turn to go up. All of the girls are really little and I was worried that the audience and the new stage would be a little too much for them, at least for Rachel. So as we were backstage, I held Rachel and let her peek out at the audience so she would know what to expect when she got out there. She quickly found Daddy and lit up!

...and then she stuck out her tongue at him.

When it was time for her class to go on stage, Rachel was first in line. She walked right up all by herself and then stopped and laughed. I just love this picture that Stuart captured!

The girls are used to having their moms in class with them and without some help they wouldn't be able to make it through their very short dance on their own. Fortunately their teacher, Ms. Jenn, was there to help them. Here she is giving some quick reminders about what to do.

There was a little drama with who would hold whose hand. Rachel loves the little red head girl but couldn't get the girl to hold her hand. The teacher tried to fix the problem but Rachel insisted on holding the little girl's hand. Ms. Jenn has a lot of patience!

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Rachel was so excited and proud of her performance! So are we :)

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