Caramel Apple Wraps

I love caramel apples! We've made them in the past by melting the little cubes of caramel and dunking apples in the warm pot. However, with hot pot always made it too dangerous for my children to participate. So I was excited to find Caramel Wraps in my grocer's produce section because my kids could be more involved in actually making the caramel apples, instead of just eating them.

The directions are super easy. The packages comes with sheets of caramel that you wrapp around an apple, put in a stick, and warm in the oven.

Here is one of the caramel wraps. What a great idea! They look great and they peel right off the wax paper.

It easily wrapped my apple in delicious caramel. Mmmmmm, caramel....

But unfortunately, the wrap didn't entirely cover my apple. The directions said to use medium apples and these were actually the smallest apples I could find at my grocery store.

I tried to stretch the caramel some and then decided to just put the stick in it and call it done.

Rachel couldn't wait to make her apple. She did a really great job of wrapping the caramel on her apple and then she stretched it just like she had seen me do.

Then the caramel stuck to her plate and pulled off as she picked up her apple.

Nicholas had about the same success with his apple.

Ok, so Daddy is the perfectionist in the bunch. Let's see him do this.

Nope, same results.

But that didn't stop us. We put them all in the oven. The caramel got a little bubbly but never melted over the open gaps on the apple.

The caramel was delicious and the wraps are certainly easier and faster than melting your own caramel. However, to make them look their best you really must use small apples.

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