The World's Greatest Stories Review

We read the Bible often during our school day. The stories are a wonderful way to teach virtues and character traits that we are studying in our Konos curriculum.

I'm always looking for interesting ways to tell the stories. Sometimes we draw a picture about the story or re-enact it. But I recently discovered an audio collection of Bible stories that are told so well that you can't help but sit on the edge of your seat to hear what happens next. I'm so glad I was asked by the Homeschool Crew to review The World's Greatest Stories CD by George W. Sarris.

There are six volumes. We have listened to Volume 1: The Prophets which contains the following stories:
1. The Blazing Furnace, Daniel 3
2. The Handwriting on the Wall, Daniel 5
3. Daniel in the Lions' Den, Daniel 6
4. Elijah and the Prophets of Baal, 1 Kings 17-18
5. The Prophecy of Jonah, The complete book of Jonah
These CDs are beautifully rich story telling, word for word, straight from the Bible. The voices and drama on these CDs is so good that you are really drawn into the story. I am really impressed.

Nicholas loves listening to stories on CD so I'm excited to actually have Bible stories for him to listen to. He listens to them when he is in his room building with LEGOS or as he's lying in bed at night. We also listen to them when we are driving around town in the van. Nicholas has a memory like a sponge and easily remembers the stories and enjoys retelling them.

Nicholas even made some dioramas about some of the stories that we listened to.

Here Daniel is praying in the Lions' Den when an angel comes to save him.

This is Shadrach, Meshach, and Abednego tied up in the fiery furnance with King Nebuchadnezzar looking on.

And of course, Jesus joins them in the fires and the four of them walk among the fires unharmed (well, except that one that is missing his hand but that was from a previous incident!).

I love how The World's Greatest Stories CDs bring the Bible to life and help enrich my children's learning of these great stories.

The stories come in either CD or cassette tapes and you can choose NIV or KJV. They are $7.95 each and can be purchased on the World's Greatest Stories website. You can also listen to sample clips from the CDs here. There are a total of 6 volumes - The Prophets, The Life of Christ, Beginnings, Joshua and Esther, Joseph and His Brothers, and Defeating Giants. Right now you can get free shipping when you order 6 or more items!

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I received this product for free in order to complete this review. The opinions are entirely my own and I would not bother reviewing a product that I did not truly want to recommend to others.

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