Rachel's First Haircut

Rachel is three years old and hasn't had her first hair cut.

At first, we didn't want to cut it because we had heard that the little ringlet curls wouldn't return after the first haircut. It just doesn't make sense that a hair cut would affect this but she hasn't really needed a haircut anyway so it wasn't an issue.

But her hair is long now and while I don't want to lose the length, she does need a trim on the ends to even it up in the back.

Rachel was super excited when I put her in the car and told her that she was going to get a haircut.

When we got to the hair cut places, she was absolutely giddy about the big event.

I take the kids to a special salon that specializes in kid haircuts. There are colorful walls and Rachel got to sit in the fun pink car seat for her hair cut.

Of course, my kids also love that they can watch DVDs while they get their haircut.

Rachel was oblivious to what was happening with her hair or what I was doing. She just wanted to watch Dora!

I finally got her to turn and look at me but you can tell it was all she could do to keep her head from flopping back to watch Dora again!

I worried that she would get upset about the hair dryer. I don't know why I was worried. She handled it all like a trooper.

My cute little girl got her first haircut and a special lollipop treat for her bravery.

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