Hanging at the Skateboard Park

My brother was a great skateboarder when he was younger. I was surprised when he called me last month and said that he wanted to take Nicholas to a skateboard park while we are in town for Christmas. I didn't know he was still skateboarding but I thought I was really neat that my brother wanted to share his passion with his nephew. He even asked about a skateboard for Nicholas but politely accepted my worried mother "no". Instead he asked if Nicholas could bring his scooter with him when he comes to visit.

Nicholas was super excited to get to hang out with Uncle Steve doing cool stuff. He had fun watching Steve skate around on his skateboard.

Oh my goodness! That's scary!

When it came time for Nicholas to go down a small hill on his scooter, he got scared. Look how hesitant he was on his first try. Poor little guy.

But after watching Steve some more and practicing a few more times, Nicholas built up his confidence enough to go down the ramps without hesitation. He loved it!

Soon, he caught the eye of a young lady who was smiling at him. Double click the picture to get a close up.

Look at the cute expression on Nicholas' face as they flirted with each other. Too cute!

He even used Steve's skateboard to roll around some. He felt really cool.

Two rad dudes!

Even Rachel brought her scooter to the skateboard park.

She made it down the hills...with a little help. Note - that's laughter you hear from her in the video, not crying :)

But being only two years old, Rachel found many other things at the skateboard part that sparked her interest.

Like the standing water on the ground.

Of course, the next minute found Rachel sitting down in the puddle of water and completely splashing it all over her. And that is why I still have to carry a change of clothes for her in my purse at all times.

With all the skateboarding going on around him, Stuart just had to give it a try. Here was his first attempt

*ahem* with some assistance (but don't tell him I gave away his secret)

After some practice, even Stuart was skating around the park like an old pro.

Steve, thanks for sharing this cool sport and fun park with us. We all had a blast and Nicholas can't wait to go to a local skateboard park when we get back home.

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