To Market, To Market...Market Street, That Is

Our family had a crazy day today. We found ourselves at Grapevine Mills Mall AND Toys R Us on a Saturday...the Saturday before Christmas, that is!

No, we really didn't plan to wait to the last minute to do our holiday shopping. I thought I was all done with it. But for the last week or so Rachel has been telling everyone that Santa is going to bring her a dolly.


No, Santa has no dolly for Rachel. Santa's elves are all done making toys for Rachel and there was no dolly.

Doesn't she already have dollies? Santa didn't think he needed to make another dolly.

But what do I do? I can't let a 2 year old think that Santa left her dolly at the North Pole on Christmas. So off to the jam-packed parking lot at Toys R Us I did go. What hectic madness it was. While I was at Toy Hell, the guys were in their own craziness at Grapevine Mills Mall.

By the end of the day, we were all beaten down and tired...and I for one was not going to cook dinner tonight.

Fortunately, Market Street saved the day for this holiday weary mom.

It was about 7:00 PM and I thought we'd just run in and pick up a rotisserie chicken. At other stores it would be slim pickin's at that time of night, but Market Street had several to choose from including the flavored ones we like."

Great! Dinner problem solved!

But wait...what's this? Eggplant Rollatini? Grilled Salmon Filets? Tortilla Crusted Tilapia? All cooked and ready to bring home and just warm up.

I know what we're having for dinner...all next week. Sshh!

After hearing lots of begging, we finally caved and agreed that the kids could pick out dessert. We made our way to the pastry cases. Wow, there was quite a lot to chose from.

Decisions, decisions...

While Mommy and Daddy were choosing their desserts, the nice lady behind the case offered each of our kids a free Christmas cookie to snack on. She just became their new best friend.

Mommy and Daddy chose something yummy from the top shelf of this case. Mommy got a slice of Summerberry Stack and Daddy chose a slice of Chocolate Peanut Butter Stack. Oh Heavens!

With the immediate need for food resolved, we decided to pick up a few more things for the week. Some of us wanted to just ride along in the bottom of the shopping cart!

I've bought these seasoned cooked shrimp here before and I remember we all chowed down on them right out of the container. I like easy dinners like that. They come with your choice of seasonings - Bayou Cajun, Old Bay, and Louisiana. It's so hard to find real tastes of Louisiana here in the land of Tex Mex, but ah, this is a store after my own heart!

Nicholas has always loved looking at live lobster tanks. When he was Rachel's age, we would pass them in the stores and he would cry out for me to take him over to the lobsters. Still today, when he saw the tank over in the corner of the seafood section, he had to run over to it.

Apparently, Rachel loves them too. Now if only we can get her to understand that they are not the same thing as Nicholas' Leapster video game.

We found a fancy bottle of house wine to go with our meal.

Nicholas thought we should buy the giant promotional bottle of Korbel just so we could see if it would fit in our shopping cart.

Neat! Red and green chips for Christmas. Now I just need some tomato salsa and verde salsa and I'll be rockin' around the Christmas tree.

Nicholas loved making homemade peanut butter right there in the store. This really is pretty cool!

It doesn't get any fresher or any more natural than that! Now if only they had spoons out so you could dig in right there!

Check this out! Next to the awesome peanut butter making machine are some bulk nut and candy treats. Here is where I found the chocolate covered almonds that look like pimento olives. There's got to be a way I can use these in an April Fools joke.

When we were ready to go, there were cashiers waiting to serve us. This is so unusual for me because the grocery store I previously went to seems to have only self-checkout lines available which is never fun with cart full of food and two bored and squirmy kids in tow. And get this, there was actually someone eager to help push our cart out to the car for us.

Thank you, Market Street, for a great wrap up to a hectic day.

Note: I was asked to write this review by BurbMom. I was not compensated by Market Street and my opinions and statements are all my own.

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