Christmas Cookies

We had fun in the kitchen this morning baking and decorating Christmas cookies. Rachel helped pour the ingredients into the bowl and helped me mix up the dough.

Nicholas helped roll out the dough. It was a little sticky at first but he sprinkled the dough with flour and all was well.

He gently pressed the cookie cutters into the dough.

Rachel was obsessed with pouring all of the red sprinkles on one cookie.

A little cookie with your sprinkles?

Nicholas chose a more colorful style and decorated them all with a mixture of red and green sprinkles. Any other color just wouldn't have been Christmasy enough.

We impatiently waited at the window of the oven, watching the cookies slowly rise and turn a beautiful golden color.

Then the moment of truth came...time for a taste test!

They got a thumbs up all around. And we got the bonus of the whole house smelling like sweet sugar cookies!

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