Having a Jolly Time with the Cub Scouts

Nicholas' Cub Scout pack had their annual Christmas party tonight. They had fun making Christmas ornaments and enjoyed a full spread of wonderful homemade cookies and treats.

They played some games like Nerf target practice. I love Nicholas' stance. He takes his Nerf guns seriously.

He did rather well and was one of the only ones in his group to get all of his shots on to the targets - pictures of the Scout Masters!

They also played the Peppermint Pooper game. What? You've never heard of it? All the elves at the North Pole play the Peppermint Pooper game.

You start with a well decorated toilet seat.

And some toilet paper and a good throwing arm and you have the classic Peppermint Pooper game!

The boys even had a special jolly guest at their party - Santa himself! Nicholas was happy to sit on Santa's lap but Rachel put a death grip on my arm when I tried to bring her over to Santa.

Santa gave each boy a wrapped Christmas present....their first pinewood derby car kit! Nicholas is so excited!

Merry Christmas!

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