When You Wish Upon A Star...or A Wish Lantern

It's Christmas Eve and we're enjoying this wonderful time with our families.

But I know the kids in our family are all making secret wishes of their own tonight...wishes about what Santa will bring them tonight while they sleep.

The sky is clear and beautiful. It's a perfect night to wish upon a star...

...or a Wish Lantern.

Stuart's brother got a case of Santa Claus Wish Lanterns. I had never heard of them before but I think we need some of our own. Wish Lanterns are super cool lanterns that are made of rice paper so they are very lightweight. You have to be very gentle when working with them so they don't tear. Extra hands help too.

You light the lantern.

Let it fill with the warm air from the flame.

Then you let it go and make your wish as the lantern floats up and away with the wind currents.

Wish Lanterns typically stay in the air for about 12 minutes and can float up as high as a mile.

There are lots of ways to use Wish Lanterns and Christmas Eve is just one fun way. I love the idea of creating a yearly tradition of releasing a Wish Lantern for each child on their birthday.

Wish Lanterns can be ordered online at http://www.wishlantern.com/. However, they are located in Irving, TX and although they do not yet have a retail storefront, you can contact them about a local pickup to save on shipping costs.

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