Two Gifts In One

Nicholas loves making homemade birthday and greeting cards for friends and family. So I thought he'd enjoy a new twist to his art by making his own gift wrap. I just recently learned about My Wrap which is a complete activity kit that jump starts kids' creativity in making their own gift wrap.

Look at all the goodies just from one kit - 2 giant pages of wrapping paper with partially completed art windows, writing and drawing prompts, plenty of space for freehand art work, tons of stickers, gift tag label stickers, fun stencils, eight crayons, a pencil, and a coordinating decorative piece to tie to a ribbon. This is the Gingerbread theme kit that we got for wrapping Christmas presents.

Nicholas jumped in with the stickers and crayons to make this smart looking little gingerbread man.

He used the stencils to make a friend for him.

Then he used the stencils to make a snowman with candy cane arms. Do you think he likes the funny mustache stickers or what?

Nicholas has never liked coloring books. He always prefers a blank page of paper so he can do his own thing. However, if he had a big giant sheet of white paper, he'd probably draw two pictures and be done. But look how thoroughly engrossed he was in this project.

He has always been ambidextrous so he can write with both his right and left hands. I guess he decided he'd be extra productive by coloring with both hands!

The sheet of wrapping paper covered most of our kitchen table. As he was working on it, Daddy came over and watched. Next thing I know, Daddy sat down and started working on the project with Nicholas. I was just expecting this to be a fun activity for Nicholas. However, Stuart and I both ended up working on it with him and it turned into a great family activity. Especially when we turned on the Christmas music and started singing while decorating gift wrap together.

Nicholas finished up the project by completing the writing prompt, "I like the holidays because...". Nicholas completed the statement with "we celebrate the birth of Jesus."

In addition to the Gingerbread themed paper, we also got a My Wrap Zoo themed kit. Nicholas decided to decorate this one to wrap up a present to his cousin.

So many stickers to choose from...

Hmm, what should the lion say?

Nicholas loves dot-to-dots. There are fun things to do and color everywhere you look on the page!

It's cute when Nicholas sticks out his tongue when he's really focused on what he's doing.

Nicholas decided that his cousin would probably like to see Rachel's art work too so he asked Rachel to help him decorate it. He even helped her use a stencil for the first time.

However, Rachel seemed to prefer doing her own art work, which mostly consisted of scribbles.

Both kids were really absorbed in the gift wrap project. They worked quietly and, most importantly, they worked well together - which always makes for a happy Mama!

Our finished gifts in their custom made gift wrap! The gifts are nice but the art work is a gift by itself. It's two gifts in one!

Nicholas said, "I think these are really cool and I'd love to get a package wrapped like this!"

I found these great kits at There are several different My Wrap themes to choose from and with several birthdays coming up, we're planning to try out a few more designs.

Note: My Wrap provided me with these two kits for my kids to try out. The comments here are all my own (and Nicholas').

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