Christmas Live Nativity and Crafts

After church service at Prestonwood, there was a family Christmas celebration on the lawn including a live nativity.

The kids enjoyed the lambs.

There were several different craft projects available.  Rachel worked on a sticker craft while Nicholas made a cross ornament.

There was even face painting.  Rachel has never let anyone do this so I was surprised when she sat down in the chair.  I asked her to smile at me so I could take her picture and this is what I got.  She gave a crooked little smile while she kept her eyes on the woman who was about to paint on her face.  You can see the nervousness in her eyes (and the fact that she wouldn't take her eyes off the lady!)

But she relaxed and did fine.

But then it was time for the kids to get their pictures taken with Santa Claus.  She clung on to Stuart and cried fiercely as if we were about to hand her over to a hungry pack of wolves.

Stuart ended up having to get in the picture too but Rachel still wanted no part of that weird man in the red outfit!

Merry Christmas!

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