Silly Bandz Bandit

Silly Bandz have been the craze in our house for a while now. Nicholas has quite a collection and he loves to trade them with other kids so he can get the "cool" ones or even better, the "rare" ones.

Although I don't usually let Rachel have Silly Bandz though because of my various Mommy concerns about toddler safety and rubber bands that doesn't stop her from being just as infatuated with them. Inevitably, she will find them and put them on proudly like she has just discovered a hidden treasure.

I recently caught her with a big handful of Silly Bandz that she claimed were hers. Funny, because she then admitted that they came from Nicholas' room...but they were still hers. I guess as they say, "Finders Keepers".

I love my little Silly Bandz Bandit.

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