What Can You Do With A Box of Packing Peanuts?

We had a box of packing peanut from a package that had arrived. We didn't have a use for the box and we certainly didn't have a use for the packing peanuts. But Nicholas was very excited to see the empty box and it's peanut contents brushed aside and nearing the trash can. He wanted to play in them. So this afternoon, I let him sit down in the box and toss a bunch of packing peanuts into the air and all over the floor. But the box was kind of on the small side for him to really get down in it so that excitement wore out rather quickly. But this box of packing peanuts was such a beautiful sight, we just couldn't let it go to waste. So what else could we do with it?

We could use the packing peanuts as construction materials for buildings. Nicholas loved this idea and ran to get the box of toothpicks to connect the "bricks" of our building together.

We had a blast putting the peanuts together in different configurations but we did make a full building out of them as well.

Note the two people standing next to the building? The one in front with the spiky hair is the girl. Can't you tell by her big Texas hairdo?

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