Lazy Sunday Morning

Stuart was off to the horse show again today. He left before dawn so I got up and enjoyed some coffee and quiet time all to myself. I'll really have to consider doing that more often.

Look at these sweet little ones sleeping peacefully! Nothing's sweeter!

Nicholas usually sleeps with his little lamp on and often with stuffed animals or books piled upon his bed. Notice all of the books on his bed this time. We just bought these books this weekend at our local library's used book sale. If you read this blog you know I'm a book addict. Lately I don't buy anything for me but I'm always on the lookout for great children's books at great prices. I racked up! I got 50 awesome quality children's books for $19. You can't beat that! We even got "The King's Stilts" which Grandmother reads to him when we go to Baton Rouge. I've looked for this book in the stores but have never found it. We got a like-new hard copy of it for only $1.00!

We took the day off and just played around the house in our PJ's most of the day. I love lazy days like this!

More sweetness to melt a Mama's heart...

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