Happy Easter!!

Happy Easter!!

I always have fun making up Easter baskets. Before we had kids, I used to make a little basket up for Stuart. It always contained a little bit of Butterfinger, Almond Joy, and Cadbury Eggs. Last year we had to make sure that Nicholas knew that this basket was really for Daddy AND Mommy so he didn't wonder why the Easter Bunny didn't leave a basket for me. With Nicholas' basket I've have more fun because I can get more into making it extra special with little Easter toys, stickers, and such. Rachel is only 6 months old and obviously has no need for an Easter basket. However, again, I didn't want Nicholas to question why the Easter Bunny would bring him a basket and not Rachel so I felt like I had to make one for her too. So I made up three Easter baskets (whew!) and hid them downstairs last night.

Nicholas couldn't wait to go downstairs to look for his basket this morning and he really didn't care that Stuart and I just wanted to sleep in a little bit longer. He looked all over and quickly found a basket under the dining room table. "Hooray! I found my basket!"

But he read the card aloud and soon learned, to his disappointment, that this basket was for Mommy and Daddy. Awww! Off to hunt some more...

Next he found a cute little pink basket hidden behind Rachel's baby swing. Well, that was obviously for Rachel because surely the Easter Bunny wouldn't leave a pink basket for such a big boy. Nicholas was excited for Rachel and enjoyed being the one to give her the basket.

I was impressed that she was able to hold her basket by herself with just one hand. It held two baby books and a little toy!

Back to hunting. Nicholas looked all around downstairs. Behind the curtains, behind the Pack N Play, in the bathroom...

Under the table, in the laundry closet, in the microwave...

Yeah! He finally found it hidden away in "his" special cabinet in the kitchen.

Happy Easter from Nicholas and Rachel. Enjoy some yummy Easter candy today!

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