Let's Go To RR for Dinner!

Nicholas got a birthday coupon for a free kid's meal at Red Robin Gourmet Burgers. We love this place and I knew he would want to go there for dinner if we mentioned it. I hadn't talked to Stuart about it and Nicholas was standing right there by us so I simply asked Stuart if he wanted to go to "RR" for dinner tonight. Well, curious minds want to know and Nicholas demanded to know what we were talking about. He put his little brain to work and used his phonics skills to figure out on his own that we were going to Red Robin for dinner. Amazing little guy!!

We got our usual tower of onion rings. If you like onion rings, you've got to try this thing. It's the best! Nicholas got a corn dog kid's meal and was quite happy eating it...until the wait staff showed up to sing "Happy Birthday" to him. He quickly tried to hide (but with a big grin on his face!).

He was much happier after his serenade was over and he got to enjoy the big ice cream sundae they gave him (free for the birthday boy!).

We love RR!

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  1. How fun.. Yea just wait last year lukas figured out that we spelt . S-A-N- T- A .... He said how do you know what Santa is going to bring.. opps Change of plans.. We thought we were safe HA