Snails Cute Enough to Eat

Today was my day to bring snacks for Nicholas' class. I always have fun making special snacks for the class. This time I made little breadstick snails. I used a package of refrigerated breadstick dough and unrolled them as usual. I brushed them with melted butter then rolled up one end so that it made the spiral of the shell then I tucked the other end under to make the head. Then I took some slivers from a carrot to use for antennae. I also included some marinara sauce for dipping. The kids loved it. They had fun playing with their snails. Did you know that snails can talk? Apparently these can! What I like best is that they all got a healthy dose of vegetables from the marinara sauce and they didn't even know it was good for them!


  1. Girl, you need to submit this to Family Fun magazine! Those are so stinking cute!!!!!

  2. looks Very easy to make, should try with my kid.