Playing with Dry Ice

I wrote a blog post for the cool website Quirky Momma on how to make Spooky Fog Drinks. Make sure you check it out!

We ended up with a lot of extra dry ice that wouldn't keep for very long so we decided to play around with it some to see what it could do.

We made lots of the spooky fog drinks. Nicholas added a gummy tarantula to the side of his cup.


Stuart used his cold weather gloves to keep from getting a frost burn because the dry ice is just that cold!


The smoke is irresistable and you just have to blow on it!

There are a lot of videos here because there is just no better way to show you what this fun stuff does!

The dry ice comes in blocks so Stuart used a butter knife to help chisel off smaller pieces to put in our drinks. By accident, he realized that the dry ice made some cool sounds when he held the knife to it for even just a few seconds. He started with the end of the handle on the ice and then changed to the blade. Just beware that the blade on the ice makes a loud screeching sound like fingernails on a chalkboard.

Stuart is so fun when he gets in his scientist mode. He decided that we should see what would happen to dry ice if we put it in a carbonated drink. Here's what happened...

I thought the action was over so I stopped recording but then as the smoke cleared we noticed that this crazy thing had been happening. We just couldn't see it for the smoke. Check this out!

So next, my mad scientist decides that water with a little bit of dish soap might have an interesting effect. It did!

What fun things have you tried with dry ice?

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