Golden Triangle Animal Hospital in Southlake

One of our homeschool groups had a field trip to an animal hospital. What a fun outing this was!

We went to Golden Triangle Animal Hospital located at 425 West Southlake Blvd in Southlake.

Before we even started our tour, Nicholas was excited just looking at the giant fish tank.

It was nice but I was particularly impressed by the LSU fish we found! I might have to get a fish tank for the house just so I can have some of these guys swimming around cheering for my Tigers!

I loved this welcome! What a nice touch.

We toured the different rooms in the hospital. These were cages for small animals.

Talk about small. Look at this sweet little thing!

And here is a big guy in one of the big animal cages.

Next we visited the room for dental exams. As you can imagine, they usually have to put the animals into a light sleep in order to do a really good job of cleaning their teeth. I was surprised at how much is involved with dental care for pets.

Look at this guy's teeth! This hospital always takes before and after pictures when doing a dental cleaning.

Wow, they even have molds of animal teeth. It makes perfect sense but I just never imagined there was so much to it.

Next we headed to surgery! Everyone got a hat and mask to wear to be sure to keep the environment sterile for the patient.

Our patient was Mr. Lambie. It was really cute how they had Mr. Lambie hooked up to various machines to help teach the children about the whole process. Everyone had lots of questions at this part of the tour.

Nicholas even held a scalpel (without the blade!) and pretended to operate on Mr. Lambie. It's so funny that he and Rachel do lots of pretend operations at home on each other and on their stuffed animals, even on Mommy and Daddy. And now Nicholas got to pretend to do it in a real animal hospital!

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