The Dallas Opera Family Performance of Dr. Miracle

Konos Unit: Attentiveness

I was recently able to get four FREE tickets to The Dallas Opera's Family Performance of Doctor Miracle. How perfect it that? We're studying music, composers, orchestras and operas and right in my lap falls these tickets to a opera geared for kids. God blesses in even the smallest, most simple ways!

Nicholas has really enjoyed our studies on music and he loves the theater so he was excited to go try out the opera for the first time. He told me on his own that he needed a nice outfit to wear and sort of grumbled at me about the fact that he does not have a pair of "fancy shoes". Aren't they cute?

It was nice that Stuart was able to come with us to the theater. We typically only go to things like this during the weekday so he always misses out. He even had a good time and laughed a lot. I think his favorite part though was when an actor had to burp as part of his line. Yep, he's a keeper!

Most importantly the kids had a good time. Nicholas laughed and talked about the show after wards.

I did have to miss the last 5-10 minutes of the show though as Rachel was just getting too squirmy. I took her out to the lobby so that she didn't disturb other people watching the show. The performers came out to the lobby after the show and Rachel got two autographs in her program.

Don't be afraid to take your children to the theater.

1. Talk to your children before the show and explain the importance of being still and quiet during the show out of respect to the performers and other patrons in the room.
2. Make sure your children have been fed and taken care of bathroom trips before the show begins.
3. Choose productions geared towards children. They are more likely to be shorter and therefore better suited for children's shorter attention spans. They also will likely have more flashy costumes, colorful sets, fun props, and more silly singing and dancing than other performances.
4. Relax and have fun!

The Dallas Opera offers several programs for children and families throughout the year. For more information, please visit The Dallas Opera website.

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  1. The Magic Flute is pretty long, but has a fairy tale type story about two young people who have to go through various trials and tests. I think it's quite appropriate for children. I took my daughter to see Hansel and Gretel, The Magic Flute, The Marriage of Figaro and even Porgy and Bess when she was about ten years old.

    Anything by Mozart is going to be melodious and pleasant. Just my not so humble musical opinion.