Fall Harvest and Kids Day at Calloway's Nursery

Rachel and I spent some Mommy and Me time at Calloway's Nursery this weekend for their Fall Harvest Festival and Kids Day. I love getting one on one time with my sweet little girl.

There were lots of beautiful plants, flowers, pumpkins, and gourds. A true sensory experience, Rachel touched and smelled everything around her.

There were several great spots for posed pictures. I caught this quick one of Rachel....

...before she disappeared. Where's Rachel? **giggles coming from behind the house**

Next we made it over to the pumpkin decorating table. There was glue, pom poms, feathers, markers, paint, stickers, and more! Rachel dug right in.

How many of you think this feather will actually stay like this in the wet glue through this event, the trip home, and through the day while the glue finishes drying? I suggested sticking the feather directly into the pumpkin to keep it in place but the little one insisted on its placement here.

Painting is a big thrill for both of my kids. Lots of paint was needed and a little resistance when it came to sharing the paint tray with the little boy next to her. Drama at the pumpkin table! But we managed to work it all out so that everyone got to paint.

Can you ever have too much glue on a pumpkin?

Rachel was so proud of her creation! She told people around her all about it and made sure they saw it. It's a good think it's Halloween because this pumpkin is a little scary looking...at least all that drippy glue going into my van is scary!

She wanted to post with her pumpkin but kept looking all around so this is the best picture I got.

Next, Rachel hopped along to the seed planting station. She decorated a cup to take home, filled it with soil, and planted grass seeds.

What a fun field trip for my little girl and me!

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