Dallas Zoo

I took the kids on a wonderful field trip to the Dallas Zoo!

Nicholas always likes these little elephant statues near the entrance of the zoo. They sit on an island in the middle of a small fountain. But the water in the fountain was dry so before I knew it he had climbed up on them to pose for a picture.

The kids loved watching the little penguins swim around in their tank right in front of them.

Rachel was thrilled and kept squealing when the little guys came near the glass.

With our crazy schedule of Rachel's preschool and Nicholas' art class, we weren't able to get to the zoo until 2:00 but we had to leave by 4:30 at the latest to get back to our side of town for a hockey game later that night. Although we didn't get to see the whole zoo, 2 1/2 hours allowed us plenty of time to explore the Wilds of Africa: Giants of the Savanna.

We started with a ride on the monorail. We've been to the Dallas Zoo a squillion times but for some reason we've never ridden on the monorail.

It was really fun. Each car holds about 8 people. The cars are completely open on one side and the rail takes you around the Savanna with a tour guide explaining the animals as you go along.

We loved this sign, "Everybody Gotta Poop Somewhere".

I love it that Nicholas used my camera for a lot of the trip. It started in the aviary where he took a ton of pictures. But it was a little darker in there and I didn't think to turn the flash on for him so those were all blurry. Once we were back outside he took several good ones of the elephants and giraffes.

Here's an extreme close-up!

Nicholas and Rachel watched others feeding the giraffes by hand and begged me to do it to. $5.00 for 4 lettuce leaves!

I was glad to see they were both having so much fun feeding these guys.

I thought for sure Rachel would just drop her lettuce and cry when the giraffe tried to eat it but she really understood what she was doing and didn't get scared. She's getting to be such a big girl!

Nicholas said that feeding the giraffes was his favorite part of the whole zoo trip!

On our way out of the Savanna, the kids got to play on some more elephant statues.

Nicholas had to be the monkey and climb all over this really big elephant statue.

We had fun on our mini-trip to the zoo. There is so much to see and do here that you really could spend all day taking it all in. The Dallas Zoo is located at 650 South R.L. Thornton Freeway (I-35E), three miles south of downtown Dallas, on I-35E at the Marsalis exit. For more information, please visit the Dallas Zoo website.

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