Attentiveness and Concentration

Konos Unit: Attentiveness
Theme: Concentration

Nicholas loves reading in his new Bible. He read the Bible story about Mary and Martha (Luke 10:38-42). In these passages, Jesus goes to visit Mary and Martha at their house. Martha starts scurrying around cleaning up and preparing food and drink for their guest. Mary, however, chooses to sit at the feet of Jesus and learn from what He has to say.

Nicholas and I talked about what this story was about. We talked about the story specifically in that Jesus wants us to concentrate on Him before anything else even though we may be distracted by all the other things we need or want to do. We also talked about paying attention to what is important in life and concentrating when someone is speaking to you.

I showed Nicholas how to use a Bible Concordance to look up other Bible verses that used the word Attention. He thought this was pretty cool.

We did some Reading and worked on Spelling then later in the day we talked some more about Attentiveness and how concentration can help with being attentive.

Then we played a game of Concentration. We spread out cards face down on the table and took turns turning over two cards to try to match the number and color of the suit. It was a bit challenging and Nicholas did manage to beat me!

We also discussed the scientific definition of Concentration, as in the strength of a solution. Check out my guest post at Quirky Momma to see what we did!

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