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I haven't used any type of educational computer work with Nicholas' homeschool curriculum so far. However, we recently had the opportunity to try out BigIQKids and we are both pretty excited about it.

BigIQKids is an award-winning program for grades K-8 that is affordable and easy to use. It is an online site that offers FREE lessons in spelling, vocabulary, math, and U.S. geography lessons. Premium accounts are also available for math and geography. There is an easy chart available to help you see the difference in free vs. premium access.

I am most excited about the ability to customize lesson plans to control the difficulty and length of Nicholas' lessons. It's not just a cookie-cutter, one size fits all kind of program.

Each lesson has it's own little tutor that goes over the directions for the lesson and helps the student navigate the program.

Nicholas sits down at the table and uses my laptop for about 10-15 minutes of BigIQKids lessons each day. Some of the work is new to him like the U.S. geography program. It teaches state location, spelling, capitals, and abbreviations. Other lessons like math will be used more as a review.

As Nicholas completes a lesson, he gets rewarded with a game coin. He can then go to the game page where there are over 75 games to choose from, each costing 1-2 coins to play. There are lots of fun games like Krazy Kart, Cupcake Frenzy, Pirates Game, and Dress Up, just to name a few. Nicholas said, "The games are fun. It makes me WANT to work on school work!".

When Nicholas completes a lesson, BigIQKids sends me an email to let me know how he did. I can go online and check out his Progess Report which gives detailed information like how he scored on a particular lesson and other specifics such as average time to complete math problems for a particular lesson.

Since the lessons are customizable, it can grow with Nicholas and his skill level. There are even lessons that we can use years from now on Vocabulary Prep for the SAT which includes a spelling bee, synonyms, antonyms, and sentence completion exercises.

I can also see a benefit in having BigIQKids for Nicholas to work on so that I can grab a few minutes of one-on-one school time with my younger child.

But best of all, BigIQKids is offering a once a year bundle package right now where you can get access to all of the premium benefits offered for just $89.99/year.

For more information, please visit the BigIQKids website. You can also follow BigIQKids on Twitter.

Savor The Days was granted premium account access in order to write this review. There was no compensation for my time and the comments made here are entirely my own (and Nicholas'). Please check out what others on the TOS Homeschool Crew have to say about this great program.

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