Pepsico Night at Six Flags

Yes, it's Six Flags time of year again!

Every year, Pepsico rents out Six Flags Over Texas for their private party to thank their employees. They are really a good company to work for and the CEO puts a priority on work-life balance and taking care of your family.

Of course, the kids love it since it's the only time we ever go to Six Flags.

The kids found souvenirs to beg for so conveniently located at the entrance to the park.

Rachel found these nifty glasses.

And Nicholas is sporting this classy mustache at the age of 7.

I was amazed that Rachel didn't cry when she saw the big giant Foghorn Leghorn rooster guy.  We've come here for years and when Nicholas was Rachel's age and older, he would cry and cling to us before getting anywhere near one of these big characters.  Rachel is so quiet and shy that I expected the same from her.  But with Daddy's coaxing, she actually shook Foghorn's hand!

Ah, the truck ride.  Another thing we have done for years and years.  It is always the first ride we come to and we usually ride it several times.  It's great for little kids...but also fun for big brothers and even a Daddy or two.

Throughout the park are Pepsico stations with tables and tables of Frito Lay products like Lays, Fritos, Doritors, Sun Chips, and Funyons as well as buckets and buckets of iced down Pepsi products like Pepsi, Sierra Mist, Gatorade, and Aquafina Water. You can just go up to these tables and help yourself to a snack and a drink.

Cheetos Puffs were the big hit of the night for us.  Anytime we headed to the snack station, one of us always seemed to grab more Cheetos Puffs.

The Little Diva especially likes Puffs.

I only wish they didn't turn everything they come in contact with this lovely shade of neon orange!

Rachel was excited about riding the Teacups.  She rode it last year with Nicholas and got a little scared when Nicholas got the car spinning really fast. 

This year, Nicholas was told that he couldn't spin the car because we weren't sure how Rachel would react.  The ride naturally spins the cars a little bit but poor Nicholas didn't understand this so he spent much of the ride trying to make it stop spinning.  But Rachel was actually wanting it to spin this time!

They rode this swing ride in the Looney Tunes (little kid) area.  Rachel looked down the whole time and I'm not sure that she enjoyed it.  Nicholas was just bored and couldn't wait to get the big rides.

We had fun on some rides but way too early in the night the rain clouds moved in.  It was just a drizzle then it got a little harder.  Some of the rides were able to continue for a while in the drizzle but there were episodes of lightning that would start and stop suddenly so the Park decided to turn the rides off for a while.

With most of the rides shut down, we let Nicholas play on the Midway games and both kids got to use our free Daffy Ducks to get a souvenir.

We were all disappointed about the rain and ended up leaving much earlier than usual. But at the same time, we are all getting over being sick and didn't need to spend the evening hanging out in wet clothes for rides that may or may not come back on. But we still had fun for a while. And of course, there's always next year.

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