Making Won Ton Soup

Konos Unit: Honor
Theme: Japan

One of the projects for our Konos study of Japan was to make Won Ton Soup so that we can experience a new food from this most interesting country.  I had never tried Won Ton Soup so I was just as excited as the children to try it.

We started with ingredients recommended by Jessica...olive oil, ginger, spinach, carrots, chicken, garlic, soy sauce, just to name a few.

Rachel helped with washing the vegetables and Nicholas did all of the prep work from cutting green onions... mincing the garlic.

His favorite part was using the food processor.  He got excited just seeing me pull it out of the cabinet.

I did all of the cooking steps just for safety reasons.

Rachel made one Won Ton and Nicholas made all the rest.  He was very meticulous about following each and every step.

He put a scoop of filling in the won ton wrapper.

Then he brushed the edges with water to help them get sticky.  He folded the won ton wrapper over and pressed down to close the three open sides.

Then you place them on a tray, sprinkle them with cornstarch, and cover them with a slightly damp towel to keep them from drying out while he made more won tons.  He made a whole tray of won tons and then we put them in the soup to cook along with all of the other wonderful ingredients.

The soup turned out beautifully and it was absolutely delicious!  Seriously, I had to get a second bowl because my mouth was just that happy.  I can't wait to have some more and I plan to make this often in the future.
Pop Quiz!  Do you know what's wrong with this picture?  The chop sticks should not be resting at the side of the bowl.  As we later learned, proper chopstick etiquette calls for the chopsticks to be placed on the table above the bowl, preferably on chopstick rests, in a horizontal orientation with the pointed ends facing to the left.  Placing diagonal, vertical and crossing each other is simply bad manners.  Ooopsie!

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