Happy 3rd Birthday Rachel!

Today is Rachel's 3rd Birthday! I put together a slide show that was just going to be a few pictures. It ended up being 60 pictures!

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As always Nicholas was excited to be the one to get her out of bed this morning. For some reason, it is very important for him to do this and he gets upset with me if I go in to wake her up without him.

But even on her birthday, the little princess can be a little grumpy and not wish for company disturbing her beauty sleep.

However, when presented with her first present of the day, she quit fussing and started opening.

When she saw it was a baby Calico Critter set, she sat up and smiled with joy.

Daddy had to leave for work but we wanted to give her this one gift early in the day since she would have to wait for Daddy to get home from work tonight before opening her other presents.

Nicholas pointed out all of the cute little accessories in the baby set.

I got Rachel dressed and she came downstairs. Everywhere she went, Nicholas would try to hide and jump out at her to say, "Happy Birthday!". She seemed to really like it...and so did he!

For birthdays, I always hang up the same shiny colorful party stuff in the same boring areas. Next time I'll have to get more creative but for Rachel it was perfect. She loved all of the shiny stuff in her honor.

After Daddy came home, Rachel finally got to open her presents from us, Nicholas, and her grandparents. Some of her favorite presents were lots of books, 2 Disney Princess dolls, a baby dolls that cries and crawls, and a mermaid bath toy.

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