Will You Bee My Valentine?

Nicholas' Kindergarten class was supposed to have their Valentine's Day party on Friday but it got rescheduled due to the snow day. He said that he has Valentine's Day cards for us at school which we won't get until he goes back on Tuesday. But for now I just love the little "Will You Bee My Valentine?" note above that he made! He loves writing notes and drawing pictures for us. He definitely has a creative/artistic side. And notice the fold lines on the paper. It was delivered as a paper airplane!

Grandmama O. sent two big super soft pillows for Nicholas and Rachel. Nicholas got a football pillow which he absolutely loves. He carries it downstairs when he gets up in the morning and brings it back up when he goes to bed at night. Of course, he also liked the box it came in which soon became his "chair".

Rachel immediately knew what to do with her pink heart shaped Princess pillow. She loves to lie down on soft things so this is so perfect for her. She sees it on the floor, goes over to it, and lies down. Granted she doesn't lie still for long but it's so cute to watch her. She loves her pillow too.

And thank you Grandmama for the chocolates for the "old folks" too. We couldn't find any old folks in our house so Stuart and I ate them :)

I made a special breakfast with a Valentine's Day/red and pink theme. Heart shaped biscuits, fresh strawberries, lox (pink) and cream cheese bagels, and chocolate milk (you HAVE to have chocolate on Valentine's Day). I also tried to get Rachel to help me with a recipe for Monkey Bread. I showed her how to shake the dough in the ziploc bag to coat all of the pieces with cinnamon sugar. She shook it a few times but then decided that she just wanted to chow down so she ran off with the bag and tried to open it. So much for my little helper!

Everyone enjoyed the lox and bagels. It was the first time for Nicholas and Rachel to try it. Rachel was addicted!

Nicholas made Stuart and I the king and queen of Valentine's Day. He gave me a crown and Stuart a sceptre, all made of Tinker Toys!

Then he wrote out "I love you" in Tinker Toys. I love this little guy!

Nicholas enjoyed flying around his chocolate like it was a spaceship.

Nicholas and I also made heart shaped strawberry Jello Jigglers. They are made like regular Jello but with less water so they are firmer and more of a finger food. Rachel and Nicholas both loved them!

All week Nicholas and I have been talking about Valentine's Day and making heart crafts. I always try to sneak in a little education in our fun so I used this heart theme to talk about his own heart and the circulatory system. We checked out some cool kids books at the library about the heart and blood. He's learned the parts of his blood - red and white blood cells, plasma, platelets. He really enjoys learning how his body works. We even had a fun interactive project where we made a model of blood. Check out this cool Montessori-based blog, My Montessori Journey, where I found the idea. I love this blog and a few other Montessori-based blogs as well as homeschool blogs where teachers and parents share their ideas for projects with kids. There is a wealth of wonderful ideas out there.

I loved the giant Sumo Gourmet Fortune Cookie that Stuart gave me. Have you ever seen a fortune cookie this big? I love it and the personalized fortune is so sweet. When Stuart first went up to the counter to buy the cookie, the lady asked him what he wanted the fortune to say. He said, "Um, Happy Valentine's Day". The lady (love her!) gave him a pad of paper and a pen and suggested he think about it and write something down. She even offered him a chair to sit on while he composed his prose.

Happy Valentine's Day everyone! May your day be filled with love and happiness.


  1. I loooooove the TinkerToy Crown...although it reminds me of a halo from brain surgery or something :) he he he..

    He is REALLY good with Tinkertoys. The I (heart) You looked really good.

    And your meals? HELLO...awesoem ideas! I want to be your kid:)

  2. Yep, we gained 10 pounds in one day with all that food and sweets! And I agree that the crown reminded me of a halo brace too and it actually cut off the circulation around the top of my head but what was I going to do? I just had to wear it :) I don't know how his little brain came up with the I heart you in tinker toys. I couldn't have come up with that if you asked me to.