Even Slush Can Be Fun

Well, much of the snow has melted and it no longer looks like the frozen tundra around here. There is still some snow on the ground as well as the lingering signs of snowmen that once were. However, most of the snow has melted and left lots of water in its wake. Parts of our yard are muddy where there was not mud before. Water is gushing down the sides of the street into the storm drains. We couldn't help but find fun ways to play in these slushy remains.

Nicholas and Daddy made paper boats to ride down the river to the storm drain.

Nicholas named his boat, "Star Boat". I love how he spells phonetically.

Rachel found some muddy spots on the sidewalk. She had fun walking back and forth and back and forth through the slush and sludge. I love how she purposely walked into the puddles. She fell a few times and got very wet and muddy but it didn't seem to bother her at all.

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